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“What’s the secret to a happy home – the kind that lifts your spirits and inspires you every day? Brazilian/British interior designer Ju De Paula of Blueberry Living & Co has a fairly good idea about the transformative powers of a home that radiates with energy. Her own inimitable style permeates every room of her home – a hyper-feminine and flower-filled sanctuary, vibrating with colour, texture and pattern.” Home Beautiful Magazine

“Now that Ju has worked her magic around the house, visiting it is a blissful experience. Each space is a unique blend of bold colors and floral patterns that together create a soft yet vibrant atmosphere. The family’s home feels comfortable, bright and personal and is filled with one-off pieces, all thanks to Ju’s wonderfully imaginative solutions.” – Sofia Tuovinen – Design Sponge

“Ju de Paula’s interior designs can be called many things– bright, inspiring, effervescent– but if there’s one characteristic that they all share, it’s that upon entering a space she’s designed it’s hard to figure out what to pay attention to first. Her work is fun and eye-catching, capable of transforming the homes she designs into floral playgrounds of wonder.” – Leeron Hoory – Garden Collage Magazine

One of my favourite Instagram accounts is @blueberrylivingco – Ju de Paula is a talented pro upcycler and interior designer; her schemes are heavily influenced by the bright colours of her native South America; dynamic palettes that excite the eye and make you want to redecorate immediately are everywhere; acid yellows, rich cerise and fuchsia, citric greens all framed by black and white stripes or chevrons to keep the look sharp and contemporary: these are schemes that make you feel good to be alive. Give her a follow, you’ll be throwing out your neutrals in no time.”   Chris Billinghurst – Studio Eco Chic | Upcycled Hour

Hear From My Amazing Clients

I was totally amazed by Ju’s services. Having never used an interior designer before, I did not know what to expect. Ju seemed to intuitively know what I would love and made it happen, quickly and within my budget. It was a pleasure to work with her and the results totally exceeded my expectations.

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