Ju De Paula is a Brazilian Interior Designer that has been living in England since 2005.

She has started her career in Brazil and after moving to the UK, she has worked for well-known industry names such as Armani Casa, Natuzzi and Designers Guild.

She has also designed a number of commercial projects as well as residential ones in exclusive London areas such as Mayfair, Knightsbridge and Marylebone.

When she is not creating something special, you can find her playing hide and seek with her little ones, watching films with her handsome hubby or dancing around the house to 90’s songs.


In case you’re here to find out a bit more about my non- biz life…

#1. I was born in the south of Brazil in the gorgeous city of Florianópolis, nicknamed Magic Island… seriously it’s amazing there!!!

#2. I grew up in a very colourful house and my mum was always crafting, sewing and singing very loudly and out of tune around the house… and I loved it… it made our home a happy place, always buzzing with energy.

#3. In 2005 I came to London for a few days and loved it so much that after 2 months back home I decided that I wanted to experience it more… So two weeks after making the decision, I sold my car and moved here without knowing anyone and speaking very little English!

#4. I met the love of my life after just a month here (I think it was destiny!) and together we have the most adorable kids: Jasmin and Zak + two very cheeky pets… Samba the cat + Lily the bunny, who loves eating my plants and curtains!

#5. I’m always drinking tea… it makes me feel cosy!

#6. I have a tattoo that says “Be happy!! “. It reminds me to keep smiling!

#7. In 2015 I created a game plan to turn my life around, as I was feeling a bit lost after leaving the interior design world to become a stay at home mum. It was the best decision ever!

#8. Almost there… On the first day of the year, I pick a word for the year ahead… 2018’s is Cultivate!

#9. I pray every night to thank God and the universe for the lovely life I’ve got!

#10. I absolutely LOVE what I do, and can’t imagine staying away from all of this again… so thanks so much for all your comments and love… It means the world to me!

And if you ever need anything from me, just get in touch! 

Feel confused about which colours to pick? Not sure how to bring your ideas to life? You would love a home that is unique and filled with personality, but you don’t know how to make it happen? Or maybe it just seems impossible to create the look you love within your budget…

It’s definitely not easy making all the decisions you need to make when embarking on any decoration project… But it can still be fun!!!

Maybe what you need is someone to inspire, support and guide you in the right direction or maybe take control of the whole process for you, right? 

That’s exactly what I do!

Hi, I’m Ju, a compulsive mint tea drinker, a colour believer and an originality admirer.

Brazilian living in England, great crafter, a terrible cook and a professional interior designer (with over15 years of experience in the industry), turned to stay at home mum, who could not let go of my love for furniture, fabrics, and the smell of fresh paint…

So… in 2015, I came up with a game plan and started my own journey of rebuilding my confidence and getting back to creating joyful, personality-filled spaces. (It was the best decision EVER!)

That’s why I started Blueberry Living & Co, I wanted to create a vibrant “little world” for home-adoring women like me, where I get to inspire, guide and support them to start connecting the dots their own way and tell their personal story through their homes.

Because who you are is more important than what you have or what you do!

Blueberry Living & Co is not just an interior design business, it’s a joyful way of life, it’s an experience where we can grow together and your imagination is just as important as mine!

I work closely with my clients and students, helping them to identify what are their likes and dislikes while thinking outside the box and sharing with them my expertise. Together we will create a gorgeous home for you, filled with things you love and your own uniqueness! 

Maximising the potential of each room, making the most of your budget, only sourcing good quality products and materials, breaking the rules and creating spaces to be enjoyed and lived in it’s fullest are a big part of what I believe.

Please take a look at the Praise page to read what some of the amazing people I have worked with have to say about working with me!

Oh! And I’ve created some free gifts to help you bring your home’s personality to life!  If you would like to get them, just click here… and I will send you the access link, plus refreshing and original design inspiration straight to your inbox… all to make your design journey easier and lot more fun!


Ju xx