Are you feeling confused about where to start, how to start, the steps to take and what to choose when decorating your place? 

Or maybe you just want to learn how to transform your space into your very own gorgeous sanctuary... a place that reflects who you are, make the simple tasks of everyday life feel special and leaves you feeling refreshed, empowered and ready to bloom?

I've helped so many amazing people to connect the dots their own way and tell their personal story through their homes.

I would LOVE to help you too!


Want to create a home that makes you happy every time you walk through the door?

Feel overwhelmed by which colours and style to go for?

Not sure on how to make the most of the space and the budget you have? 

You would love to beautifully tell your personal story through your home, but you don’t know how to make it happen?

It’s definitely not easy making all the decisions you need to make when embarking on any decoration project… But it can still be fun!!!

Maybe what you need is a clear plan to follow and someone to inspire, support and guide you in the right direction and and make your design journey easier and a lot more fun! 

That’s exactly why I’ve created this online course! I want to share my expertise with you and help you to think outside the box, so you can connect the dots in your own way to tell your personal story through your home. I want you to have a home so happy and uniquely to you, that you will feel inspired every time you walk through the door!

At the end of this course you will have created all by yourself (with my support and guidance) a beautiful home that is an authentic expression of who you are!

No more feeling overwhelmed or wasting time and money while decorating your space! Yay!!!



Discover your personal style and how you can incorporate it into your home.


By following the lessons, you will learn new design skills and be confident in your choices and decisions.


With our weekly group calls and the Facebook feedback group, I will personally help you to identify what is the vision that you have in your heart, what is working, what isn't, what needs to change and how you can get there.


Learn where to start, how to start and all the steps you need to take, by having a clear plan to follow.

F O C U S 

No more getting distracted by all the shiny objects and new ideas that come along the way.


Meet a lovely group of inspiring home-adoring women, just like me and you. You are never alone in this course!


How to maximise the space you have.

How to make the most of your budget.

How to define the design that will make you happy.

How to mindfully purchase items for your home without getting distracted by all the shiny objects and new ideas that come along the way.

How to create a gorgeous scheme that reflects who you are, by getting a clear vision of what you really love and makes you YOU!

How to think outside the box and come up with original ideas and solutions  for your home.

How to confidently play with colours and have fun with them!

How to confidently mix patterns and textures.

How to choose the best furniture for your space.

How to save time and money, by following my easy  8 step process.

How to get inspired while enjoying your design journey.

How to choose the correct paint for your project.

How draw up your room and create the best layout for it.

How to create a gorgeous mood board.

How to beautifully style and edit your home.


The Design & Bloom Project is an eight weeks course,  divided into 8 steps (modules), 1 step per week and don’t worry if life gets too busy, as you can learn at your own pace too!

Each step is presented by snackable video lessons, with exercises and printables, so at the end of each lesson, you will have completed a step towards your final project!

I will work closely with you and you can always get access to me through my email and our private Facebook group, where we share our work and progress + support and inspire each other. 

We also have weekly online live calls where we can chat about your project and you can even show me around your home! 

I will be your new interior design bff! Yay!!!

Does it sound good to you? I hope so because I can’t wait for you to start your design journey with us and being part of our community.

I can’t wait to meet you and get designing!!!

Get on the VIP Waitlist and be the first to know when the enrolment is open, so you can get the Early Bird discount code + free access to lots of freebies! Including project checklist, vintage printables, feel good wall art, decorating tips and lots more!

          Jane Silburn


Designing our home and putting our personal stamp on it was something I´ve tried to do for years, but never achieved to be happy with it. There are so many tips and tricks, different styles and shiny objects out there, that it became overwhelming very quickly. And every time I started, I got frustrated and gave it all up.

By joining Ju´s The Design & Bloom Project, this frustrating times where forgotten and I finally found clarity and confidence in my personal style. It was so much fun and such a great creative journey. The Facebook group was such a lovely support and so inspiring. Ju was there from day one to help me identify what I want, what needs to change, what´s working best and encourage me in every little step I took. Her feedback and tips where so helpful.

I´ve learned so much in this step by step course and directly was able to take action and start creating my dream home.

So I can really recommend to work with Ju and Blueberry Living & Co. She has the keys to success for every budget and every style. I totally loved working with her!

Thank you Ju!

"The Design & Bloom Project has helped me to over the course of a month to completely revamp a room in my house. 

It feels so good to wake up every morning and to love my space. I'm confident that if you work with Ju, you will love yours too!"

                                                     Vanessa Horn

                                                    Business Coach

"I’m so happy that I was able to take Ju’s Course! I learned so much from the beautifully designed videos, and Ju made it easy and fun to follow each step of the process from initial ideas to the final project.

And did I mention that she’s just as warm and lovely as you could ever want from a teacher?! Ju radiates the same warmth and light that comes across in all her designs.

If you’re wondering whether you have what it takes to successfully design a home you love, I promise you that Ju will make it easy for you."

Linda Mordan

Transformational Life Coach

"Before The Design & Bloom Project I was feeling overwhelmed and confused. Now I have clarity about my personal style, what to do and how I want each room to feel and look. With the course I have started decorating the living room and entrance hall, and they both look so beautiful, beyond my expectations!  "

Juliana Minguzzi


"Finding Ju was a magical find! With The Design & Bloom Project I learned how to use my own creative powers to design my studio. All in a fun and super easy way! She is a wonderful person to learn from... she is very accessible, talks to each student and gives you really good advise, without being overwhelming. You will learn everything you need to design your home. If you are feeling confused about decorating, do not hesitate to work with this fabulous and creative person!"

Linda Kratz Foote

Fearless & Fabulous Footie

Juliana Minguzzi



This course was great for me, I was feeling loose with all the ideas that I have in mind about designing my space but I learn so much from Ju  about designing my space to make it a happy place for me, and the best forms to achieve it, She teaches all in a really easy way to apply from knowing yourself better to loose the fear of playing with the elements you can use in your room and the best part is that she encourages you to use DIYs or affordable ways so you can stay on budget. 

Bea Ramirez - Loop & Loop


Thank you Ju for this amazing design course. I have learned so much about my own style and I'm now more confident mixing and matching colours and textures that I previously found intimidating. Your kind and encouraging words were always pushing me in the right direction. We have started our bedroom project and hope to finish it soon. I am also super excited to move forward to the next rooms in our house. I especially want to make my energy healing space more beautiful and welcoming to clients. I have so many ideas from doing your course that the inspiration just bubbles over with things I want to create. This has been a wonderful journey. Thank you so much".



I loved every minute of it. I don't think I can put into words how much it has changed my life.

The Design & Bloom  Project is absolutely wonderful. At first glance it seems very easy and obvious, but its so much more than just learning about decorating your home. It makes you dig deep and discover your personal style and gently shows you ways to incorporate it into your everyday life. It cured my fear of using patterns and experimenting with different colour palettes. 

Ju is a great and enthusiast teacher. Her passion and love of design shines through and it shows in everything she creates. I will whole heartedly recommend this course, and will happily sign up for any future courses she may offer.

Nerine Kale


I had an idea of what I wanted to do with my room, but The Design & Bloom Project has given me clarity on how to achieve it and a step-by-step guide on how to create a beautiful room beyond my expectation! Also great tips if you have champagne taste but lemonade budget.  The digital mood board was the highlight for me: suddenly my vision came to life.

Ju is so kind and very helpful. 

Yema Kithima 


Ju's course provided a ton of guidance on figuring out what you like and what works. She points you to tons of great resources to help you get started on redoing your home. On top of all this, Ju is always willing to answer questions via email or Facebook so you're never alone making your way through this course!

Sara Miller - Norman Street Designs