Discover YOUR Personal Style 

 Learn how to get clear on your own unique style and start creating a home that feels like you!

During This Challenge, You Will...

  • Discover the best way to start decorating your home.
  • Learn the questions you should be asking yourself to get clarity on your personal style.
  • Learn how to create an inspiration board that you can use as a reference point to keep yourself focused on what you love. Instead of getting distracted and overwhelmed by all the shiny objects and new ideas that come along the way.
  • Receive feedback from me on every single assignment you completed!
  • Discover how to get clear on your own unique style, so you can create a home that says your name and doesn't look like a copycat from a pretty photo you saw on Pinterest.

About Your Instructor

Ju  @blueberrylivingco

"I've helped so many amazing people to connect the dots their own way and tell their personal story through their homes, living their best lives and becoming who they want to be...  And I would LOVE to help you too!" Ju xx

As seen in...

What do some of the wonderful names in the industry have to say about Ju's work?

What’s the secret to a happy home – the kind that lifts your spirits and inspires you every day? Brazilian/British interior designer Ju De Paula has a fairly good idea about the transformative powers of a home that radiates with energy. Her own inimitable style permeates every room of her home – a hyper-feminine and flower-filled sanctuary, vibrating with colour, texture and pattern.”

Home Beautiful


“Ju de Paula’s interior designs can be called many things– bright, inspiring, effervescent– but if there’s one characteristic that they all share, it’s that upon entering a space she’s designed it’s hard to figure out what to pay attention to first. Her work is fun and eye-catching, capable of transforming the homes she designs into floral playgrounds of wonder.”

Garden Collage


The Official Bio

"Forget about trends + Pinterest... the secret to creating a joyful home that looks and feels like you is to start from YOU!"

Ju De Paula is an Interior Designer that has worked for well-known industry names such as Armani Casa, Natuzzi and Designers Guild.

She has also designed a number of commercial and residential projects and has helped many happy students to create their own welcoming homes.

Her work has been featured in many magazines, blogs and tv shows around the world.

And when she isn't creating something special, you can find her crafting with her little ones, watching films with her hubby or dancing around the kitchen to 90’s songs.

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