New Year, new start, new opportunities and new dreams!
I’m a massive fan of creating little rituals for everything… journaling, drinking tea, working, baking, getting ready, DYIng and even cleaning the house!
I just love them as they make the simple tasks of everyday living feel extra special… And who doesn’t like a bit of loveliness, right?!

But this time of the year is when I really go over the top with them… as I can feel energy bubbling and butterflies in my tummy, just thinking of all the new possibilities that will come my way!

Last year I learned a few new rituals that totally, and I mean TOTALLY made 2017 magical!

So, I’m sharing them here with you, plus a few old ones too (that I learned back in Brazil), and I hope they will help you too to start 2018 with clarity, intention and inspiration!


1. Review the Year

Before I start planning ahead I like to review what worked, what didn’t work and what I can do better!

For that, I use a great exercise that I learned from Stef and Emily from Makelight!
It really helps me to get clarity and know what I will need to do in order to achieve my goals!
Basically, I write down on paper everything good that I’ve achieved + what I wanted to achieve but didn’t happen + how I can do better with what I didn’t achieve!

I have created a printable of this exercise for you, you can get it here!

If you already have access to The Berry Joy Bundle, you can click here to get yours!

And remember to take some me time while doing it… light a candle, get your favourite drink, put some music on and make the most of this moment!


2. Choose a Word

Since 2015 I’ve started to choose a word for the year ahead, it really helps me to stay focused on my main goal and also keeps me excited about making things happen!
2017 was SOW and for 2018 it will be CULTIVATE! Eeeeek!


3. Create a Dream Jar

This one I learned from the wonderful Carrie Green from the Female Entrepreneur Association.
It completely changed my year!!! Thanks to her Dream Jar idea (or Dream Jug in my case!) I was able to manifest dreams that I could not believe were actually becoming reality!

Like having my work featured on Design Sponge (A dream I had for over 10 years!!!), our house featured on TV and in lots of amazing other publications all over the world!
I also got over 600 new IG followers in less than 24 hs (twice!!!!), manifested a photo shoot with the amazing photographer Alexandra Joseph, and I’m ending the year with a successful online course!!!
They were all dreams from my jar and if you believe in manifesting, you should try it too!

Here is what you will need to do:

Step 1 – Get a jar, or a jug, or a bow or even a glass!
Just try to go for something pretty if you can, as it will be saved guarding your dreams, so it may as well feel special!

Step 2 – Write down on individual pieces of paper the goals/ dreams you would like to manifest.

Step 3 – Fold the little papers and place them inside the jar.

Step 4 – Every day (at least once a day), set the timer on your phone for 2 mins and then pick a paper from the jar.

Step 5 – Read your dream and start imagining it happening.
Think about every single detail, what you will be wearing, who will be there with you, the scents and especially how you will be feeling!
I noticed that when I get really deep into the feelings, it’s when the magic happens!

Step 6 – When the 2 minutes are up, just place the paper back in the jar.

Repeat this exercise, as many times you like and with time you will see how AMAZING this little jar can be!


4. Write a Letter

This is another ritual I learned from the lovely Emily Quinton.

On the 31/12/2016 I wrote a letter to myself to be opened one year later.
In the letter, I wrote all my dreams and goals as if they already happened and I was congratulating myself and thanking God and the Universe for all the achievements and for such an amazing year!

It’s a wonderful exercise, as it not just helped with getting clarity about my goals, but it also helped to keep focused and give 100% to make it happen, as I didn’t want to feel disappointed when I open the letter!

Plus when you write something as it already happened, it raises your vibration what makes it much easier to be manifested! Yay!


5. Have a Dead Sea Salt Bath

This is a Brazilian tradition that I can not start the year without!

Every 31st I have a bath with Dead Sea Salt as it’s great for eliminating bad energy.
I set the scene, by lighting a candle, turning some soothing music on and leaving all negatives thoughts outside the bathroom!
Then I have a good soak while thinking happy thoughts!
It really revigorates the mind and body, plus it’s SO relaxing!!!

Also, a good rinse with running water after the bath is essential, as it feels like it’s washing away all the negative energy!

Image Credit: Grace Madeline

6. Wear White

This is a BIG deal in Brazil and I swear it really works!

Different colours have different meanings, so on New Year’s Eve we wear a white outfit (meaning peace) and add accents of other colours that represent what we would like to attract for the year ahead!
It could be a belt, shoes, a scarf… or even some new undies!

Here are the colour meanings:
White: Peace
Red: Passion
Purple: Inspiration
Pink: Love
Green: Health
Blue: Harmony
Yellow: Prosperity

It’s more of a superstition than a ritual, but totally worth giving it a try! 😉

Image Credit: Samantha Gade


Hope you are now feeling extra inspired and excited to start the New Year!

Have the most wonderful, colourful and magical 2018, my lovely!
And… If you do have any rituals that you can share with us? Please leave a comment below… I would love to hear it!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that I’ve created a daily planner for you, as a little gift to help you keep focused on your goals!
You can get it here. If you already have access to The Berry Joy Bundle (my secret resources library), you can click here to get yours!