I’m just gonna say it… It’s been a while since I last updated anything in our home. And I was feeling SO BAD about it!

But thankfully a got the decorating bug back again when I received a lovely gift from the talented artist Daisy Faith – one of her boho animal paintings! A wolf she called Blake Lively – named after the glamorous Gossip Girl actress because she has a very fabulous air about her. (in Daisy’s words)
Love that!

So I thought gorgeous Blake deserved a very special place in our home (our colourful stairway)and I spent the bank holiday creating a gallery wall especially for her!

Here’s how I create it:

Step 1. Wall Light
A few days earlier I ordered the double wall light, and because the wall doesn’t have any lighting points to hardwire it, I also ordered some fabric cable and a pin plug. Then asked an electrician to adapt it so I could plug it to the wall! Such a great way to add wall lights everywhere!

Step 2. Treasure Hunting
I visited our local charity shop and got the frame, the two floral prints and a cute bamboo mirror. All for under £20!

Step 3. The Layout
Then I used some old wrapping paper to create real size templates of the frames and find out the best layout. I always start with the bigger piece, then work the smaller ones around it.

And it was time to hang them up!

DIY Tip: Use a Post-it to catch the dust.

I’m SO happy with the final result. Blake is the perfection addition to our home, and I LOVE how her background goes with the ombre wallpaper on the opposite wall. Don’t you think?

You can check it out the full stairs makeover here.

And If you would like to get your own Blake or one of her cute friends, pop over to Daisy’s website, you won’t regret it!

My next project will be the living room, then the conservatory, then I want to remove the carpet upstairs and finally get our bedroom done! I told you I got the decorating bug back! So keep your eyes peeled!

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And how about you, what are you decorating next? Let me know in the comments! xx